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About Answer-All Secretarial Services

Answer-All Secretarial Services, Inc. takes pride in offering an exceptional telephone answering service and telephone communications tailored to fit the needs of our customers in the 21st Century. We are a family owned and operated business since 1964. Our company was started by Gwen Corbett, who found the need for an answering service in Westminster Colorado, when she was unable to reach her doctor after hours. And over 50 years later, her daughter still owns and operates Answer-All.

Our service is the “Answer” if you have a busy lifestyle and are on the go but need to stay in touch with your callers. Our telephone receptionists are always courteous and there to help, some have been with our company for 30 years, they are true professionals at their jobs.

Our sophisticated computer technology allows us to give our customers the most professional service possible. We feel it's important to be the vital link between you and your customers and that we are offering a service where "People are Answering People."

Let's Work Together!

Answer-All Services

For over 50 years we have been revolutionizing the way our customers communicate!

We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. We offer our clients a large variety of services, becoming a Virtual Office for any type of business.

Whatever your business or industry, Answer-All will design a custom rate plan and system for your needs. Each account is custom tailored to your individual needs, with our commitment to providing high quality service. Call us and we will create a system specially designed for YOUR business.

Answer All Secretarial Services

A true American success story. Answer-All has been providing telephone answering and communications services since 1964. And now in the 21st century, our 24-hour telephone receptionist answers your phone and takes messages as though they were in your office. We can schedule appointments or take orders when needed. Urgent messages can be delivered to you immediately, via your cell phone, pager, e-mail or text message. We are available to assist your office staff when they are away from the phone or to take messages after office hours. This gives you the comfort of knowing your business is in professional hands while you are closed for the day. We are your virtual office.

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Our Services...

We provide a business number to forward your telephone to. Answer-All telephone receptionists answer your phone with all the pertinent information about your company.

Need a relief receptionist, full-time receptionist or after hour technical support? We can design a specific system to fit your needs.

Our telephone receptionists are always courteous and there to help whether we are answering your business line or your personal phone.

Each time your telephone rings, your account will appear on a computer screen. This tells the Answer-All telephone receptionists how to answer your phone and all pertinent information about your business. This enables us to sound like your office secretary.

Our receptionist will then connect your caller to the person requested, or the person designated to receive calls during any specific time per your instructions.

If they are unavailable, we can either connect the caller to your voice mail, or we can offer to take a message or connect them to voice mail that we provide.

Whether you are a small office home business, or a Fortune 500 Corporation, we can be the courteous voice your callers hear. Instead of them hearing your voicemail, and hanging up to go to your competitor.

Rest easy. Our Answer-All appointment receptionist is "real time" which means all appointments and changes are done on our server immediately so there will be no confusion regarding appointments.

With our Scheduling Software you can:
• Make or cancel appointments.
• Block out times you will not be available.
• Confirm all your appointments eliminating wasting of your time.
• Receive an e-mail of your appointments daily.

If you would like a demonstration of our services, contact us today!

We take your inbound orders via your web site or we can create an ordering system for you. This enables our Answer-All receptionists to be your office secretary.

The Answer-All team has fine-tuned our property management services to enhance your presence. We will work with your property to help your callers with

• Leasing information,
• Lockouts,
• Courtesy issues and
• Emergency maintenance

We will be the face of your property management team when you're not there.
Our staff is specially trained in property emergency issues and will relay any emergency quickly and efficiently by following your protocol. Our telephone specialists will properly screen your calls and call your maintenance techs with qualified emergency issues. The Answer-All team knows how to keep your maintenance and management team happy.

Answer-All can generate hard-copy backups of all transactions by either fax or email. All calls are recorded, providing a solid record of any conversation between your telephone specialist and your caller in case of any issue that may arise.

The Answer-All team will seamlessly take over and take care of your property whenever you need us.

Apartment - Individual or Corporate, Commercial, Residential

Disaster preparedness is always the best way to go in business. Small disasters can have a devastating effect on you and your customers. If you're not prepared, your customers may go elsewhere.

Disasters, natural and man-made, are sometimes unavoidable. Have you considered what can happen to your business with a power outage, a fire, an explosion, a lock down or a severe blizzard where you cannot communicate with your customers, employees or their families? Could such an event lose the confidence of your customers or perhaps destroy your business?

We can assist you in seamlessly directing your calls to Answer-All. Let our receptionists become your emergency communications go-between. We can help you create a disaster readiness strategy that should work well to keep your business open until the "all clear" has been established. Disaster preparedness is always the best way to go in business. Small disasters can have a devastating effect on you and your customers.

Answer All Secretarial Services

Our customers love our friendly and professional approach to service.

Many businesses in your industry (from independent agents to large firms) still use voicemail, answering machines, and automation to manage their calls when they are unavailable. This is like sending a message in a bottle, you never know when someone will get the message. Is this the impression you want your customers and peers to receive of your business. Every day your business could be losing calls (and profits) because the phone wasn't answered by you or a live person when they called.

When your customers call, sometimes they don't abide by your schedule and need immediate assistance. Forcing them to wait for a response until you are available is un-acceptable and can result in losing that customer or client. That's where our answering service / call center can help.

We offer many different services to the Real Estate Industry, whether you are a supplier, service provider or a Real Estate agent we can create a service designed especially for your needs.

Appraiser,Real estate attorneys, Auctioneers,Disaster Recovery Solutions, Communications firms, Computer services companies, CPA's, Developers, Real estate education resource publishers,Environmental services, Home inspection firm, Home warranty companies, Real estate insurance providers, Investment firms, Mortgage lenders, Moving companies, Pest control companies, Real estate home photographers, Rental property companies, Temporary home services and Title companies just to name a few.

We can create a tier 1 support by scripting your account, allowing us to answer simple questions rather then bothering your staff. Let us know your needs so we can create a unique technical support line for your customers.

We provide you with a business number with which to call forward your phone. Each time your telephone rings, your account will appear on a video display, telling the Answer-All Support Specialists how to answer your phone and all pertinent information about your business. This enables our Answer-All Support Specialists to sound like your staff.

Need information from every caller to build a client data base. We can be the polite voice capturing this information for your lead generation needs.

Our Answer-All receptionists can also take reservations for your event, whether it is as simple as an RSVP or scheduling for your next event. We work with businesses, individuals and not for profits to ensure that their event is well attended.

We have always taken pride in offering our customers professional and courteous service. We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do, so we offer our clients a large variety of services, becoming a Virtual Office for many small businesses. We look forward to hearing from you.

We offer Basic and Enhanced Voice Mail services, and we can also provide an E-Fax which will deliver all your faxes to your e-mail as a tif.file. Every business or individual has very unique needs, let us customize a system designed for you. "We can revolutionize the way you communicate!"

Answer-All can help you with Unified Communications. Our system can reach you wherever you may be. When the system takes a message, it can e-mail you the entire message. We can revolutionize the way you communicate!

Another example of web-enabled service we provide for our customers. We can locate the company closest to your client for reliable and fast service. Connect your caller right to the office for immediate contacts. Let us be the professional and courteous voice your callers hear when reaching your company.

Answer All Secretarial Services

Our Clients Love Us!

Thank You Answer-All!
"Answer All is always willing to take our customer calls even on a very short notice.
Our customers are demanding and unique in their requests and Answer All has learned how to manage their requirements in a competent and professional manner.
Our nature of business sometimes results in a dynamic service schedule and Answer All coordinates those service contact changes with little to no service interruption to our customers."

Carrie Frietsche
Customer Service Manager Mark VII Equipment Inc.

Answer-All Has Us Covered!
"Running our business 24/7 is possible with Answer-All! No dropped calls after hours or holidays Answer-All has us covered.
We have used their services over 10+ years. We would highly recommend Answer-All!”

Golden Way Mechanical Inc.

Highly Recommend This Service!
"We have utilized Answer-All for over five years. The professional automated phone tree system with the option to talk to a live dispatcher with all calls being audio recorded has been beneficial to our clients as well as our company. Highly recommend this service!"

Lynn Kuschke 
President, Advanced Security Consulting, DBA Denver Protective Service

Meets Or Exceeds Our Customers' Needs!
"Answer-All has been servicing our answering service needs since 2000. Their attentiveness to our electrical service business needs among other things is what has kept Kelly Electrical Services, Inc. with them for so long. Their quick service response, courteous employees and their professionalism is very impressive. The level of service that they provide is what meets and/or exceeds our customer’s needs."

Kelly Electrical Services, Inc.


Our service is the "Answer" if you have a busy lifestyle and are on the go but need to stay in touch with your callers. Our telephone receptionists are always courteous and there to help, whether we are answering your business line or your personal phone. You may check in for messages, leave a special message for your caller or instructions with our phone receptionist at any time.
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